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The upcoming Senior Connection Mixer and Expo and Speakers Bureau will continue to be a special challenge for all of us during these trying Covid times. We have decided that all of these events will be Virtual until it is safe to again present them live.

That means that there will not be a physical Mixer, Expo or Speakers Bureau event, but instead an opportunity for all of our Senior Connection Members to be able to meet in a B2B streaming Video environment (Virtual Mixer) to better understand who the Senior Caregiver Goods and Services provider companies are and what they are doing right now. And through the Virtual Expo and Speakers Bureau, be able to SAFELY keep your company’s name in the public eye while providing you a solid Sales and Marketing tool that can draw potential clients to your company when Covid restrictions are eased.

To that end, we need the help of our Senior Connection Members to make these events emotionally and economically successful for you and your company.

The format for each event will be video streaming-driven. Three unique websites have been set up to provide the Mixer, Expo and Speakers Bureau experiences that, as closely as is possible, replicate the live events.

Access to the Mixer website will not be made available to the General Public - the VMixer site is specifically designed and executed to be a Business To Business (B2B) streaming platform open only to Senior Caregiver Goods & Services Professionals.

The VExpo is also video streaming-based, however it is separately designed specifically for the General Public to emulate our physical Senior Connection Senior & Caregiver Expos.

In a like manner, a separate Speakers Bureau TeleConnection site houses all the streaming video associated with the weekly Speakers Bureau Presentations.

There is no need to download an App to access any streaming site, no Registration is required, no sponsoring commercials to have to sift through. And the events will be available for an extended period of time on the streaming sites in order to fit into anyone’s viewing schedule. Both Internet streaming sites are compatible with computers and smartphones, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

The Heart of the VMixer, VExpo and Speakers Bureau is your 30-second Elevator Speech, your 5-minute Parking Lot Speech and your 30-minute  Presentation. See below for the links to learn more about how to build, record and upload your videos.

The good news is that you only have to do the Elevator Speech and the Parking Lot Speech once - we will be using those videos in BOTH the VMixer and the VExpo streaming platforms, formatted to be compatible with B2B.

You may submit as many 30-minute Presentation videos as you want, but we schedule these based on relevance to our Peeps (our distribution list of Seniors and Family Caregivers), quality of content, and whether the Presentation Rules have been followed (see link below).


If you are having trouble putting together a 30-second Elevator Speech, 5-minute Parking Lot Speech or a 30-minute Speakers Bureau Presentation, then please see below for links to some tips to make a lasting Sales & Marketing video impact on your Clients and Colleagues.

How To Build

How to Record



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